Anne-Sophie FRANC


Anne-Sophie FRANC


Social and medicosocial facilities and services, Health facilities, Education, apprenticeships and vocational training.

Anne-Sophie FRANC is a Counsel lawyer with the LYON office’s Non-profit Organizations Department.

As well as providing standard services to traditional community-oriented and charitable bodies (associations, foundations, mutual funds, etc.), she has developed recognized expertise in :

  • legal, tax and asset management aspects of the founding, organization and restructuring (mergers, division into subsidiaries, cooperations) of non-profit organizations
  • legal and tax structures of health facilities and social and medicosocial facilities and services (pricing, founding, health coordination groups, social and medicosocial coordination groups, etc.)
  • litigation relating to the internal operation of medicosocial and health facilities or their activities.

She practices primarily for healthcare facilities, facilities accommodating the elderly, disabled or disadvantaged children, and education and training facilities.

Anne-Sophie FRANC graduated from Jean Moulin LYON III University, where she gained a DEA postgraduate qualification in Business Law.

She began her career with the law firm LAMY & ASSOCIES in LYON in 1999 ; she then practiced within the law firms SOFIRAL (FIDUCIAL Group) and QUADRATUR, before joining the Non-profit Organizations Department of DELSOL Avocats in LYON in May 2005.

She is a lecturer at the IFROSS (Institute for Education and Research on Health and Social Organizations).


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