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Camille ROUSSET presents the benefits of mediation in the management of crises associated with psychosocial risks and issues related to business transfers, in an article published in the special “social law” issue No. 583 of the journal Personnel

Psychosocial risks specialist, Camille ROUSSET’s main activity is that of mediator in business. In the last special issue of the journal Personnel, she wrote an article explaining the role and terms and conditions of a still little known job.

In an article published in the special "social law" issue no. 583 of the journal Personnel, Camille ROUSSET, a partner in the "Employment Law – Social Welfare Law " department, presents the many advantages that mediation offers in crisis management associated with psychosocial risks and issues related to business transfers. In the context of these crises, which are extremely challenging for managers and employees alike, a strictly legal approach is often insufficient. The role of the mediator is to "build bridges between the actors in a project by prioritizing and respecting the needs of each individual, with a desire to hear what the representatives of the personnel and / or the employees have to say and thus establish a participative and responsible approach to the business project". This role entails in-depth knowledge of employment law and the ability to resolve conflicts related to concepts or processes stemming from sociology and management - as illustrated by Camille ROUSSET’s profile. With appropriate mediation, a company has every chance of ensuring a harmonious transfer of the company, and more generally, of managing internal crises before positions become hardened.