About us


A national player in the field of law, DELSOL Avocats is a law firm dedicated to solving problems encountered in every aspect of business life.

We are deeply aware of the complexity of business transactions and the high level of risk to which economic players might be exposed.

We are aware that it is often essential to have a sounding board when making decisions relating to, for example, legal and tax issues, finances, assets, business relations and commerce.

We also understand the need for advice on the short, medium and long term implications of entering into transactions in different jurisdictions.

DELSOL Avocats is a member of the international networks PARLEX and TELFA.

Our teams have access to an informal network of foreign correspondents (« best friends ») who share our approach and demands for interpersonal skills and efficiency.

Our Philosophy

In an increasingly complex economic world, we believe that it is our role to assist managers and decision-makers in :

  • working out the possible courses of action resulting from various situations in which there is a high level of risk and advising on all the legal, financial, employment and relational issues implications ;
  • obtaining efficient, comprehensive and cost-effective legal advice on day to day situations ; and
  • optimising decision making in the short, medium and long term.

In order to achieve this, we believe :

  • that we must understand the economic, sector-based, financial and managerial culture of our clients ; and
  • that the quality of the relationship that we have with our clients and our technical expertise are key factors to the success of the legal work entrusted to us.