CSR Policy

Our CSR Policy

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Our CSR Policy reflects these values (dignity, conscientiousness, independence, integrity and humanity) and our constant ambition to ensure that DELSOL Avocats is a responsible and sustainable law firm.


To keep printing to a minimum, we produce our deliverables in electronic form, unless otherwise requested by the client. To encourage this paperless culture, we have introduced digital document management using a collaborative data-sharing tool.

The data centres storing our data are located in France.

We use an in-house instant messaging system to reduce unnecessary email traffic. We regularly maintain our hardware to improve durability and when we replace it, we give priority to refurbished solutions.

Our teams are made aware of the simple things they can do, such as deleting unnecessary software, regularly cleaning up email inboxes, limiting the number of attachments to and people copied on emails, putting computers to sleep when they are not in use.


We keep the waste generated by our business to a minimum. All waste that we do produce is recycled or reused.

We drink water and coffee from reusable containers. A water fountain is available on each floor and should be used while avoiding single-use cups. We have also introduced the use of jugs and glasses in all our meeting rooms.

If we need to order catered meals, particularly for seminars or meetings, we source them from caterers who use reusable containers and collect them after use.

We recycle :

  • Coffee pods, which our suppliers collect from us ;
  • Paper,
  • Batteries,
  • Glass : we limit the use of single-use glass containers ; however, if we do use them, our cleaning teams dispose of all glass waste in the appropriate bins.

We recycle furniture that is no longer useful or functional in our offices by donating it to Valdelia (eco-organisation), to ensure it is given a second life.


If, as a result of our development, we replace damaged furniture or buy new furniture, we commit to reducing the impact of our purchases by being attentive to certification.

In 2022, 64% of the furniture we purchased was eco-certified by at least one organisation.

We pay close attention to the cleaning products that are used on our premises, both for the health and safety of our cleaning staff, and for our teams and the environment. We therefore give priority to natural products.

At our two sites, we have taken out gas contracts with a green energy option guaranteeing that the supplier sources the equivalent of 10% of our gas consumption from a biomethane facility producing green gas.

We carefully monitor our energy consumption ; we have installed thermostats on each floor to regulate room temperature ; we encourage our teams to switch off electronic devices whenever possible.


Our recruitment policy is based exclusively on skills, human qualities and performance. These criteria ensure that we do not discriminate in any way in our recruitment process.

At DELSOL Avocats, great attention is paid to welcoming people with disabilities, especially during our training courses. Our disability advisor, Paulette Trillat, ensures that the specific needs of trainees in terms of physical access and learning are taken into account.

We strive to provide our employees with the best possible working conditions. We are attentive to the quality of workplace relations, and have set up staff rest and eating areas. We set great store by listening to employee needs.

Training the lawyers of tomorrow
We are particularly committed to supporting students. Every year, we take on more than 70 trainees on average.

We pay close attention to their training to ensure that their internship is a true professional experience, and several former trainees have subsequently joined our firm. We partner with a number of universities, and regularly receive law students at our firm to discuss our profession.


Created in February 2009 by the law firm DELSOL Avocats to carry out itspatronage actions, and managed by a board of directors whose 5 membersare partners of the firm, the DELSOL Avocats endowment fund has awardedin 12 years €324,000 of donations to 38 laureates.

At the origin of the endowment fund, the firm’s team dedicated to the non-profit sector is actively invested in the day-to-day management of the fundand in the follow-up of the laureates.

The “Non-Profit Organisations - Social and solidarity-based Entrepreneurship” department istoday recognized as the largest and most structured department in theFrench market with a team of 23 specifically dedicated people, including 5 partners : Jean-Baptiste AUTRIC, Alexis BECQUART, Laurent BUTSTRAËN, Xavier DELSOL, Lionel DEVIC.