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PRESS RELEASE – DELSOL Avocats partners with INSAVALOR to optimise and secure its legal advice

With over 120 attorneys and lawyers reliant, on a daily basis, on a database containing over 7,000,000 legal documents, DELSOL Avocats was keen to consider solutions to help its teams optimise and secure their formulation of legal advice through intelligent exploitation of the firm’s knowledge base.

The firm therefore contacted INSAVALOR, the R&D, Research Valorisation and Continuing Education subsidiary of applied science institute INSA Lyon, which fosters relations between INSA research laboratories and businesses in search of technology solutions for their innovative projects.

Through DataValor, its expert data valorisation service, INSAVALOR and a team from DELSOL Avocats spent several months working on a proof of concept to demonstrate the feasibility of developing such a solution.

The proof of concept led to the development of a prototype that successfully demonstrated its effectiveness in capitalising on the knowledge accumulated by DELSOL Avocats attorneys over the course of time.

The prototype allows for intelligent exploitation of pertinent elements identified from among all the data retained, providing a sound basis on which to formulate new legal advice.

DELSOL Avocats has been encouraged by the results to press ahead with the development of a solution of this kind, which could swiftly be made available to other legal professionals.