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Thomas ROCHE talks about the Jardé law in the "3 questions" section of the March 2017 issue of the magazine La Tribune de l’Assurance

In the March 2017 issue of La Tribune de l’Assurance Thomas ROCHE explains the various controversies that will result from the Jardé law

Thomas ROCHE, a partner in the "Life Sciences" department, outlines the three major changes brought about by the application of the Jardé law, particularly in relation to risk-inherent interventional research and minimal constraints for which the insurance obligation will henceforth apply. He believes that "controversies will undoubtedly arise about the nature of the legal cover for actions that may be considered as required by the research protocol or as resulting from acts of care" in the context of non-interventional studies. He also points out the competitive distortions that will arise within the European Union. The loss of market share for French companies specializing in this type of study, in favour of relocation outside France, will undoubtedly lead to the disappearance of a good number of jobs in the sector.