"We are strengthening our network of representatives in several countries in order to support our Italian clients in their international projects"

Département Mergers & Acquisitions - Corporate law

In Milan, Philippe DUMEZ and Candice LOSADA participated for the first time in the intermediate seminar of the international association of Italian-speaking lawyers (AIGLI), which brings together Italian-speaking legal advisors.

Philippe Dumez, a partner in the Corporate Law - Mergers & Acquisitions department, and Candice LOSADA, a lawyer in the same department, both members of the DELSOL Avocats Italian desk, travelled to Milan on 19 and 20 May 2017 to participate in the meeting of the international association of Italian-speaking lawyers (AIGLI) on the theme of "Judges’ powers over conventions and deontological reflexes". The seminar brought together dozens of legal advisors, mainly lawyers, mostly from European countries but also from the United States and all with one thing in common - not only a taste for and fluency in Italian, but also a frequent need to advise Italian clients in their plans to expand abroad.

The members of the association have a number of areas of legal expertise and share an international approach. Apart from being a constructive meeting to reflect on various topics, including comparative law, AIGLI is an informal network that promotes professional encounters. The presence of representatives of DELSOL Avocats demonstrates their desire to ensure they have the best assets available when assisting their Italian clientele ; a clientele which demands a thorough knowledge not only of the Italian language but also of the differences in the legal and economic culture of Italy in relation to other countries.


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