PRESS RELEASE – DELSOL Avocats advises Doctegestio on joining the governance bodies of UMG-GHM

DELSOL Avocats advised Doctegestio, France’s leading global healthcare and wellness operator, when it joined the governance bodies of Union Mutualiste pour la Gestion du Groupement Hospitalier Mutualiste de Grenoble (UMG-GHM) through its two mutual insurance companies, Doctocare and Les Mutuelles de France du Var, to replace Adréa Mutuelle and Mutualité Française de l’Isère.

Founded in 2000, the Doctegestio group has 12,000 employees and 331 centres and services.
UMG-GHM is a hospital group comprising, notably, the GHM, a private, non-profit health care facility, the second-largest hospital centre in Isère, 436 beds, 1,400 employees and 280 doctors, and the Clinique de Chartreuse.

Through this project, approved at the UMG-GHM General Meeting on 9 October 2020, Doctegestio will provide its commitment, expertise and management capabilities to sustain health care provided in a private, non-profit framework.

DELSOL Avocats assisted Doctegestio and the insurance companies Doctocare and Mutuelles de France du Var through a team comprising partner Laurent BUTSTRAËN, joint head of the "Non-Profit Organisations – Social Entrepreneurship" department and counsel Anne-Sophie FRANC, with support from Emmanuel de TOURNAY, General Counsel of the Doctegestio Group.