PRESS RELEASE – DELSOL Avocats gets a release in the Hermès fake bags case

Pursuant to lenghty proceedings involving 30 or so defendants, the 11th correctional chamber of Paris Court of Justice delivered heavy sentences and one single discharge in favor of a client of the firm.

In 2011, Hermès International and Hermès Sellier filed a complaint following the discovery of counterfeited « Birkin » bags. The investigation subsequently uncovered the largest counterfeiting network of Hermès bags with ramifications in France, Hong Kong and Russia.

23 people, including 9 former Hermès employees, have been sentenced by the 11th correctional chamber of Paris Court of Justice for their involvement in this network, which resulted in the manufacture of 400 « true-fake » « Birkin » bags in illegal workshops. The damage to Hermès was estimated at 10,4 million Euros. The sentences delivered exceed the public prosecutor’s claims for many defendants and an arrest warrant has even been issued.

Our client was prosecuted for concealment of counterfeited goods as large sums of money had transited through his bank accounts. The court finally discharged according to the legal and factual arguments developed by Thomas AMICO, partner at DELSOL Avocats.