Personal data

Personal data

The subject of compliance with personal data protection rules is a cross-disciplinary and major strategic subject for organisations, and one that involves all business sectors.
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European data valuation in billion
million fines of in case of non-compliance with the GDPR
billion: anticipated expenses for software & services for ensuring GDPR compliance in 2018
billion web surfers worldwide in 2017


The “Personal data” department works with you in connection with all issues surrounding the protection of personal data. Whether this involves responding to isolated questions on the application of the Data Protection Act or accompanying a project’s implementation right from its design (Privacy by design), we enable you to comply with personal data protection principles and with their interpretation by the CNIL, both today and in view of future regulations.

The widespread phenomenon of the digitization of all activities and its corollary, multiplying volumes of data, mean that the “Data protection” department is at the heart of the activity of companies and public institutions.

The “datafication” of all activities means that the topic of personal data protection is becoming both inescapable and cross-disciplinary. Today, no business sector can escape the collection and processing of data. No business sector will be able to ignore its compliance with data protection principles.

Approached until recently via compliance with the principles and formalities of the law of 6 January 1978 on information technology, data and civil liberties, the subject has now been revolutionized by the European general data protection regulation of 27 April 2016.

By introducing the concept of “accountability”, whereby each controller must at all times be able to prove (as of 25 May 2018) that all implemented processes comply with data protection principles, this regulation is compelling actors to ensure that their projects now take the new principles into account (the penalties can be up to €20 million or 4% of the structure’s turnover).

The activities of the “Personal data” department include :

  • providing training on the legislation and its application to all sectors, equally for controllers, subcontractors or internal DPOs,
  • assisting clients with all matters relative to the application of the personal data protection rules by assuming, where relevant, the role of the Data Privacy Officer,
  • assisting clients in case of audits by the CNIL, or any other future supervisory authority,
  • performing, when needed, any preliminary formalities with the data protection authority,
  • drafting policies for data protection and the management of cookies.

Of course, we can help you to ensure you observance of the new regulations resulting from the entry into force of the European regulation. To this end, the “Personal data” department has a structured offer :

  • legal and technical overview,
    • situation review,
    • audit of processes,
    • analysis of existing contracts.
  • external DPO mandate
    • training, exchanges and awareness-raising of the personnel,
    • compliance verification (impact studies),
    • record-keeping and annual activity report,
    • any information request regarding personal data,
    • contact point for the oversight authority.

The department works closely with the firm’s other departments, which notably specialise in “Life sciences”, “Non-profit organisations”, “Social law and Social protection”, “Real estate law” and “Public law”.

The team works in French or English.


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