Public law

Public law

The "Public law" department is involved in consulting and litigation on behalf of public and quasi-public institutions (service providers and partners). It contributes its technical and operational expertise to their many projects and activities.
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The “Public law” department is active in consulting and disputes (notably before administrative jurisdictions) on behalf of :

  • public and quasi-public organisations : State, regions, departments, municipalities, public corporations for inter-municipality cooperation, hospital establishments, mixed economy companies and public undertakings.
  • their service providers and partners : private actors in the real estate sector (investors, promoters, public project owners, prime contractors, PW&CE companies, etc.), design bureaus, public service delegated operators, industrial groups, associations, etc.

It provides them with the essential and operational technical expertise that they require for the set-up of their projects, the financing and management of public utility equipment, the organisation of activities and public services, and team management.

To this end, it provides expertise in the following domains :

  • property law and public orders : public contract, public service delegation, partnership contract - notably public/private partnership, administrative and hospital emphyteutic leases, agreements for the occupation of public lands,
  • public service law : personnel transfer (takeover on a time plus basis, outsourcing), mobility of public service agents, functional employment, disciplinary sanction, functional protection, tenure provisions, dismissal of contractual agents, summary procedures, suspension procedures,
  • regulatory, operational and individual urban planning law ; development law (PUP agreement, ZAC, subdivision),
  • environment and energy law : classified installations for environmental protection, fossil fuels, nuclear and renewable fuels,
  • regional administration law : property management (public domain), personnel management (public service), institutional relations (restructuring, inter-municipal structures), contractual engineering (analysis and choice of legal arrangements and partners), procurements (public purchasing), organisation and follow-up of their activities (public services, police, etc.),
  • arrangement of public, private and mixed real estate operations : project set-up, property oversight and purchase, choice of manufacturers, consideration of environmental constraints, follow-up of the works through to delivery to the end customer.


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In its 9 January 2018 issue, Le Progrès devotes an article in its Actu Lyon section to the decision of the Lyon Administrative Court on 21 December 2017 annulling a building permit issued by the City, at the request of fifteen residents represented by Renaud -Jean CHAUSSADE In its 9 January 2018 issue, Le Progrès, in its Actu Lyon section,...


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