Practice areas

Life sciences, Personal data


Data protection, security, human resources, medicosocial and social sector, health, Internet and digital services, collaborative platforms, information systems, research, compliance strategy

Jeanne BOSSI MALAFOSSE is head of the Personal Data Department and co-head of the Life Sciences Department.

She has significant experience in personal data protection and various questions relating to life sciences, particularly in the area of health information systems.

She assists organizations in the following subjects :

  • compliance with personal data protection principles in all sectors
  • preparation for Europe’s new General Data Protection Regulation
  • regulatory framework of planned health information systems
  • managing new regulations for exchanging and sharing health data in the health and medicosocial sectors
  • contracts for hosting health data and coordination of the various authorizations required
  • consultations on the conditions for accessing health data (INDS, CNIL, Ethics Committees, CEREES, etc.)
  • compliance audits of the structures
  • conduct of data protection impact assessments
  • maintaining registers of processing activities
  • DPO accreditation and service offering
  • contract drafting
  • data protection policies
  • CNIL/supervisory authority inspections.

She is fluent in legal English.

Following law studies and a qualification from PARIS Institute of Political Studies, Jeanne BOSSI MALAFOSSE began her career at the Caisse des Dépôts et Consignations before joining the French Data Protection Authority (CNIL), where she spent eighteen years from 1991 to 2009. Here she held the positions of Deputy Director of User Relations and Supervision, Head of the Public and Social Affairs Division and Head of the Health, Health Insurance and Medical Research Sector.

She then held the position of Secretary-General of the National Agency of Shared Health Information Systems (ASIP Santé), where she managed and organized the agency’s support functions and contributed to defining the grouping’s strategy and launching national information system projects in consultation with stakeholders in the health sector.

She is also a Council of EUROPE expert for drafting the new recommendation on health data protection and was a coordinator of the Big Data and Prevention working group of the Healthcare Data Institute, an international think tank centring on personal data in the health sector, of which she is a member.

Jeanne BOSSI MALAFOSSE is a member of the French Association of Data Protection Officers (AFCDP).

She is currently a :

  • member of the Teaching Committee for the specialist master’s degree in Health Communication and Marketing at Léonard de VINCI University in PARIS ; lecturer on Digital Technology and Health Law
  • lecturer at LILLE Faculty of Law, two-year master’s degree in Health Law
  • lecturer at PARIS DESCARTES University for a DU qualification in Personal Data Protection.


Jeanne Bossi Malafosse appointed Data Protection Officer by the National Council of the Order of Pharmacists

Jeanne Bossi Malafosse, partner and head of the Personal Data Department at DELSOL Avocats, has been appointed Data Protection Officer (DPO) by the National Council of the French Order of Pharmacists (CNOP). As such, she will assist the CNOP in achieving compliance with the new European General Data Protection Regulation that came into force...


"European regulation and the protection of health data" by Jeanne BOSSI MALAFOSSE, published by Dalloz IP / IT (May 2017)

In an article published by Dalloz IP / IT in May 2017, Jeanne BOSSI MALAFOSSE interprets the consequences of the application of the provisions in the European Data Protection Regulation of 27 April 2016 on health data In an article published by Dalloz IP / IT in May 2017, Jeanne BOSSI MALAFOSSE, a partner and head of the "Data Protection"...