Intellectual property - Information technologies

Intellectual property - Information technologies

Intangible assets and intellectual assets are taking an increasing place in the wealth of companies. Their protection is a sensitive subject. The "Intellectual property - Information technologies" department provides its customers with its expertise to propose clear solutions and establish strategies for protection and transmission of their intangible assets.


Intangible assets and intellectual goods are taking an increasing place in the wealth of companies. Their protection is a sensitive subject as the law in this area is so complex. Creations are protected by an intellectual property right assigned to them (copyright, patent rights, designs and models right, trademark right, database right, etc.), but some other intangible assets do not benefit from these dedicated protections even though they constitue information of great value (prioritised or ordinary advertising messages, signs or slogans, methods, algorithms and operating rules, concepts not materialised, know-how, CGV, CGU, industrial and commercial secrets, files and customer data and products, etc.) both for their owner and for their competitors.

The "Intellectual property – Information technologies" department therefore offers clear solutions, to identify and qualify intangible assets and intellectual property, to establish strategies for the protection and transmission of intangible assets, to see more clearly in intangible wealth and to find a way among the plethora of appropriate protection solutions, whether they are regulated (filing of trademarks, patents, drawings and models, in France, in Europe and in the world, domain name reservation, etc.) or contractual (management projects and IT contracts, development contracts, secrecy and confidentiality contracts, non-competition clauses, know-how licenses, IP rights protection clauses in commercial contracts, license contracts or contracts for disposal of IP rights).

We intervene in particular concerning :

Intellectual property

  • Copyright and software
  • Law of producers of databases
  • Trademarks rights
  • Design and models
  • Patent law

Information technologies

  • IT management and development contracts, and design of databases
  • Internet, online content and data law,
  • E-commerce
  • Domain names and software

Rankings of the department

  • LEGAL 500 EMEA 2020, Data Privacy and Data Protection, Tier 3
  • LEGAL 500 PARIS 2020, Data Privacy and Data Protection, Tier 3
    • Computer law 2020 - Highly regarded
    • Brands, designs, models 2020 - Highly regarded
    • Litigation over brands, designs & models 2020 - Highly regarded
    • Management of portfolios of brands, designs & models 2020 - The editorial staff recommends


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