Medicosocial sector, trade unions, federations

Alexis BECQUART is co-head of the PARIS office’s Non-Profit Organizations and Social Entrepreneurship Department.

He has developed recognized expertise in :

  • legal and tax aspects of founding, reorganizing and restructuring non-profit organizations
  • legal and tax structure of trade unions and professional bodies, on which he spends over a third of his time (articles of association, division into sectors or subsidiaries, mergers, competition regulations applicable to trade unions, etc.)
  • legal and tax structure of tourist facilities
  • legal and tax structure of bodies managing social and medicosocial facilities (pricing, founding social and medicosocial cooperation groupings, etc.)
  • managing non-profit organizations’ property assets (legal structures, tax impacts, sale of property assets, use of investment partnerships, etc.)
  • litigation relating to associations’ operation (disputed elections, general meetings, exclusions, etc.) or activities (lease termination, supplier liability, etc.).

He works primarily for associations, trade unions and professional bodies, foundations, endowment funds, social security groups, and social and medicosocial cooperation groupings.

Alexis BECQUART has a DESS postgraduate qualification in Business Law and Taxation, a DJCE postgraduate qualification in Business Law and a Higher Certificate in Tax and Corporate Law. He has spent most of his career with DELSOL Avocats, which he cofounded.

He has contributed to the publication of several books, including Restructurations des associations et fondations (set for publication in June 2018), Associations et Syndicats professionnels with Editions Juris Service, Fonds de dotation, une nouvelle source de financement ? with Editions Associations mode d’emploi, and Fiscalité des associations with Editions Juris Service.

He provides training for Francis LEFEBVRE Formation in the subjects Taxation for associations, Restructuring non-profit organizations and Patronage.